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Wolftrails provides you with resources for alternative transportation in and around campus. Take a look at everything offered to you: commuter program, a FREE GoPass for students to use transit in the community, carpool connection, renting a bike, registering your bike and much more. Our Student Transportation Guide is great for anyone that's new to navigating the Raleigh area. Join our newsletter and follow us on social media.

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Vehicle & Personal Safety Tips
  • icon wolf alert Emergency Information...
  • icon electronic device Lock your car and remove electronics and electronic holders (GPS, iPod, etc)...
  • icon phone Don't leave purses, wallets or other valuable items in plain view...
  • icon don't walk Do not walk alone in remote parts of campus or in the evening...
  • icon football Do not walk alone to or from Carter Findley Stadium....
  • icon car Keep your car doors locked and windows up at all times....
  • icon sun Park your vehicle in well-lit and well traveled areas.
  • icon bike Register your bicycle with NC State University Transportation (Free)
  • icon bike Read All Safety Tips