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Need our services?

  • Give us a call to discuss your needs at 919-661-8124.
  • Prepare a Scope of Work in a Word Document with what you wish to have done.
  • We will provide a cost summary, proposal, or work order for your execution.

Not sure what you need, but you need marketing materials?

  • Give us a call to discuss your needs and budget at 919-661-8124.
  • Prepare to do some homework about your business. You know your business better than anyone and will have to provide us with information:
    • Your target audience and demographic
    • Details about the products or services you provide
    • Your budget range
      Consider this analogy: are you shopping for a Chevy or a Mercedes? A basic vehicle or a high-end luxury ride with all the showy extras?
    • The type of marketing materials you want to purchase
    • Are you just starting out and have nothing? Do you want to redesign what you have?
  • Prepare to provide samples of your current marketing materials. Or search for styles that interest you and provide us with a few links. It is important to describe what about the samples you found that you like:
    • Do you like the functionality of a website? or just the colors?
    • Do you like the folds of the brochure or just the appeal of the cover?

Want a full marketing visual marketing campaigned designed?

  • Give us a call to discuss your intentions and budget at 919-661-8124.
  • Do you want to launch all at once or in phases over the next 1-5 years?
  • Do you want a sub campaign for a special product or service, or a new branding campaign for your entire business?
  • Do you need only Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing?

Want to use our services to enhance the capabilities of your in-house marketing, creative or project team?

  • Email us or give us a call at 919-661-8124.
  • Yes, we provide subcontracting services
  • We are certified DBE/WBE under the Unified Certification Program managed by N.C. Department of Transportation
  • We qualify if you need to include a DBE firm on your proposal with the government.
  • We are certified SPSF with NC DOT.
  • We are certified HUB with the NC Department of Administration.


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