Business Policy


Work Request Policy

*This policy is subject to change without notice.

Requests for Proposals

If you wish CreatiVisibility to prepare a proposal, please provide us with one MS Word document or PDF with the complete scope of work. Please include any deadlines or milestones that are required and details such as number of pages, size, types of illustration or graphics you need to be created vs. those you are providing. We will need the number of in-person meetings and teleconferences you wish to include in your scope. We will suggest more meetings if we feel the project typically dictates more than you have anticipated. Giving us a project budget range is necessary. There is no need for the proposal to be written for a luxury/high-end product, if you can only afford a basic/lower-budget product. We wish to accommodate your budget and final expectations. If you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs, please contact us to schedule a phone discussion or a meeting at our Regency Parkway meeting suites. We will need to fully understand your scope of work to prepare a reasonable proposal or work order. An incomplete Scope of Work typically results in “scope creep” and leads to problems completing your work within your budget. We work directly from the specs outlined in your work order agreement. Proposals or simple work orders are needed for print design or web development / web enhancement projects.

Contact information
We require your full business name and address with full contact information to set up your account and to provide a proposal for work.


Work Order Agreements

Once you accept our proposal and communicate which options from the proposal to include in your work order, a work order agreement will be drawn-up and sent to you for execution. If a deposit is necessary, return your work order agreement signed with your deposit.

Deposit Terms
General terms are 50% due as deposit, 50% balance upon substantial completion. Larger projects may deviate and have deposit and payments scheduled with milestone completions. Government contracts are subject to different terms.


Once we receive and process your agreement and deposit, your account representative will contact you and let you know when your project is scheduled to begin.



Web Maintenance Scope of Work

If you wish CreatiVisibility to prepare a work order for web content editing, please provide one MS Word document with all the edits you wish to be performed no more than once every two weeks to once per month. After we review your request, a work order will be provided with the project costs for you to accept, sign and return with a deposit (if over $250 and if your account is in good standing), or to reject without returning. Our clients typically send edits once per month or once per quarter.

Urgent Requests
Urgent requests for project work or web content edits which come in more frequently than once every two weeks, will gladly be expedited as a rush job and will require the same scope of work document and work order agreement to be prepared and returned by scan/email or fax and will incur a 50% increase to the original fee and billed immediately after job is completed. We request that you provide the urgent request with a scope of work or discussed by teleconference so that we may complete the full specifications in a work order agreement. Multiple email messages defining the urgent request tend to be disorganized in nature, often missing information, confusing, and difficult to follow or route to a team member to process.

Small Monthly Non-Urgent Web Update Requests
For clients that send work order requests on a monthly basis, they are on a prepaidretainer agreement, if they are not on retainer, any work under a work order agreement has a two hour mininum charge to cover administrative costs. To avoid this, hold small, non-urgent requests and submit every quarter.

Emergencies that are due to a failure on our part are, as always, handled as soon as possible without charge. This does not include cross-browser troubleshooting if your original work order did not include development for all popular browsers when executed or if additional browsers/upgrades to technology have been implemented since your page was developed.

Rush Fees
Urgent requests for project work to be turned around in a shorter than typical time frame will gladly be expedited as a rush job and will require the same work order agreement to be prepared and returned by scan/email and will incur a 50% increase to the original fee and billed immediately after job is completed.



Website Troubleshooting

Submit Help Ticket
If the help ticket determines an error on our part in Web page coding, we will diagnosis and repair at no charge. We do not provide support for third-party systems; you will need to contact the support number of that system for assistance or contact the computer servicer for help with your computer settings. Third party systems include, but not limited to, your computer or handheld device, your email or web hosting provider, PayPal, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, StatCounter, Twitter, Constant Contact, MySpace, Blogger, Survey Monkey, etc. We will gladly diagnosis problems with a consulting fee of our standard hourly rate, which is waived if it is determined to be an error on our part. Updates to browsers or other third-party systems that cause issues for your website are beyond our control and can be re-coded at our hourly rate, if desired.

Supply The Details
We ask that you provide specific information on the problem you are reporting. We suggest you investigate your computer settings and third party systems that interact with your website such as your email and web hosting provider, PayPal, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, StatCounter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. In your Help Ticket Request, provide as much detail as possible as to what the Third Party systems reported and what effect changing your settings had on your website. We will need from you specific information on what is happening in your own words, any error codes or messages shown, the browser version you are using, platform you are using and whether or not you are on a phone, at your personal computer or on a company controlled computer. This information is needed at the time of the work request in order for the help ticket to be routed for troubleshooting. Additional engagement or involvement from your business will likely be necessary and will be expected in order to complete your help ticket. This may involve some test emails and require your response to those test emails, or it may involve you providing a screen shot of what you are seeing. Without your help to understand your problem or help responding to our testing, we may not be able to determine the cause of your problem.

Administrative Support & Training

Support for sending you files or information that are either posted in your account or have previously been in your possession will accrue time in your account or applied to your retainer. In general, we do not provide administrative support services for your business. We will no longer provide "how-to" support for third-party systems; you will need to contact the support number of that system for assistance.


Website maintenance is a service we offer to our clients, we do not offer training on how-to update your website on your own or how to use third-party software. There are highly qualified institutions offering training to non-programmers if this is an avenue your business would like to pursue.

Client Accounts Portal

As always, access to your client account is a service we currently provide as a courtesy, free of charge, and is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with occasional periods of downtown for upgrades and maintenance.