Everyone has a Domain Name. How do I get one?
By the way, what is a domain name?

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, September 2007

These days everyone seems to have a domain name, and if they don’t, they may feel embarrassed to ask what one is, or how to obtain one. Here is the basic information to arm yourself with enough to get started with your own domain name.

What is a domain name, anyway?

A domain name is the Web address text after the “www” part of that address. The domain for this business is creativisibility.com. Top level domain is the letters after the dot (.) such as com, org, net, edu. Top level domains have guidelines for usage, but are usually available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

How do I get a domain name?

Companies charge different prices so it is best to shop around by going to several registry sites and clicking through links to see the prices and services that are offered. It may be easier for you to register at the same company that will provide the hosting of your Web site. Hosting is the service of a Web server machine where you place your Web files that are associated with your domain name. Also review the customer service availability and the ease of use of the registry Web site. Most communications and set up for the domain registration are done solely through electronic communications of that Web site.

Smart domain name selection

Domain names are important in the branding of your company. You may want to protect your brand by purchasing your domain name in some of the more common top level domains. This should all be considered with your marketing strategy and the uniqueness of your name. You wouldn’t want a copy cat to set up shop online with a similar name doing similar work and gaining from your offline marketing campaigns.

Having a domain name and selecting a plan with your hosting company that provides e-mail accounts under your domain name is very wise. An e-mail address for your business that doesn’t use your domain name in the address appears unprofessional or at worst fraudulent. For example, joe@mailbox.com doesn’t look as legitimate as joe@raleighframing.com. Having a professional domain name e-mail account will help prevent your e-mail messages from being deleted or filtered out as spam by the recipient.

Steps for obtaining and using a domain name:

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