Tips for Small Business Trade Show Success

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, March 2008

Your trade show display gives a first and lasting impression that cannot be regained with a sales pitch

Trade shows, Chamber of Commerce expos, vendor exhibits at conventions or conferences:
These shows are all growing in popularity to advance a company in a business market niche. This type of business showcasing can be an affordable, personable marketing opportunity to draw potential customers from a target-rich environment.

Your visual presence at an expo is important and the graphics and message are not where you should cut corners, but they need not be a huge recurring expense. Your expo booth gives a first and lasting impression that cannot be regained with a sales pitch. Your graphics must dress your display to impress.

Common and affordable options are portable, re-usable, pop-up banner/panel displays. Graphic panels are assembled as a part of the display structure with each piece set up next to the other to create a mural. These are called flexible graphic display systems. You have options for the printing of the graphics including inkjet banner printing, silk-screen printing, electrostatic transfers and photographic prints. Select a non-glare laminate in a luster or matte finish to protect your graphics from the lights. Laminates are available where you get your graphic printed or at the display company where you purchase your display system.

Extend the life of your flexible graphic display system by properly storing and shipping it so it is protected from scratches, dents, or extreme elements. Graphic systems can be ordered with a storage container that works well in transit and doubles as a stand or podium in your booth.

Your graphic panels should include eye-catching graphics and only a few large bold messages. This text should show your business name and support your business benefits and services. The overall graphic display concept should be designed to offer longevity. Do not use dates or graphics that will be specific to only one audience.  Specials and new products or services can be highlighted within your booth with a smaller easel poster or retractable stand. Place examples, samples or photos of your business on tables set up in a “U” shape with your display graphics across the back and get your potential client to cross into your booth to reach your free promotional items.

Collect business cards in exchange for your brochures and promotional items and engage your prospective client in a game that makes sense for your attendee to play, if you are offering a prize. Converse with your booth attendees and find out if they are interested in your service or merchandise before you offer your sales pitch or free promotional item. Pass out your full brochure to those who speak to you, but leave less expensive handouts and business cards for those who are only passing through.

Trade show graphics are the center of attention and play an important role in effective marketing. To be taken seriously and professionally your booth has to illustrate that you ARE professional and experienced. There are ways to cut costs without cutting back on graphics. CreatiVisibility is experienced in finding ways to meet your display budget and can mold your message into simple, effective graphics and text.  

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