The Business of Blogs

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, September 2008

“This is a great interactive tool for my Web site since social media is hot these days.”

Politicians have them, Hollywood stars have them, teachers have them and you might even know a relative or friend that has one. We’re talking about “blogs” and whatever the case may be, you have probably at one time or another participated in this wildly popular media outlet. Blogs, short for “Web logs”, are online diaries or journals that include content such as stories, articles, links to other Web sites and even photos. And with more than 112 millions blogs out in cyberspace (and counting), it’s no wonder that online journals are quickly becoming a hot tool for businesses looking to enhance their current marketing or public relations efforts.

Blogs are an excellent and easy way to not only get people interested in your business but to get them to interact with your existing Web site and, ultimately, keep them coming back again and again for updated information and news.

CreatiVisibility recently added a blog to the Web site of a business client at, a company that makes and markets natural beauty products. A blog was essential for this client who developed a line of skin care products with cancer patients in mind. As a cancer survivor herself, the client has been able to connect with customers on different levels through her blog – not only does she share her successful use of each product as specifically related to cancer but it’s also been a way for her to develop a personal connection to other survivors and patients.

"I've included a blog on my Web site and am using it to talk about my products and my personal use of them,” notes Blaire Kessler, founder of Pristine Recovery. “Some of the comments that come back are from users of my beauty products. This is a great interactive tool for my Web site since social media is hot these days." Kessler’s blog was customized to reflect the glamorous theme of the rest of site and is titled “Party Line” as a way to further the site’s unique style. In this instance, Pristine Recovery’s business blog has also driven interest from reporters and talk shows that have been intrigued with Kessler’s personal story behind the creation of her business.

Blogging about your business doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. A blogging tool can be set up for you by CreatiVisibility where you can easily add content that will automatically post to your Web page. Even just a few weekly posts can elevate interest in your company and is an opportunity for you to talk about new developments and additional information about product or services. It even gives you a chance to talk about fabulous feedback you’ve gotten from clients or customers!

Blogging is also an effective way to get your site listed as a top search result with search engines such as Google and Yahoo, especially through the use of company buzz-words. And, perhaps one of the most exciting features of a blog, is the ability to allow readers to leave comments in a comment section which is a another great way for users to interact with your site.

Once CreatiVisibility implements your blogging tool, it’s up to you to generate lively, timely and interesting content for your site. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Adding a blog to your business Web site gives your page instant added-value and is an interactive way to connect to existing and potential customers. Best of all, it’s an easy tool to implement and use which allows you to devote more time to growing your business and developing exciting content for your new blog.

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