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By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, October 2008

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Conducting an online search can seem like magic - from just a few words typed in a little white box, search engines such as Google or Yahoo! know the exact results to send back to you. While it’s not the slight of hand it appears to be, it is a pretty nifty process when Google knows how to send YOUR site’s link back to a person when your site is search engine optimized.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the vital, behind-the-scenes practice of editing and organizing your Web site to increase your keyword relevance. SEO is a valuable Web marketing tool that will enable your site to be listed when a potential customer conducts an online search using words that pertain to your business, business location or services.

Search engines scan your site for keywords and if the search engine finds them, your site gets flagged as a “hit”. These hits get ranked in order of relevance and, depending on how your site is optimized; this could mean the difference between getting a ranking in the first ten results and getting ranked several pages down the line. According to, a Web hosting provider, where your site is ranked could make or break whether your Web site is even being viewed. “Although a keyword may return thousands of results, most internet users will only browse through the first ten, maybe 20 entries in the results and may actually visit less than five of the pages listed before searching for a new keyword.”

Applying keywords to your site is a little more complex than just including specific content on your home page. A Web developer, such as CreatiVisibility, can go through your site and integrate SEO into your site architecture but, ideally, it’s easier and cheaper to do SEO with the initial design or redesign of a site. And while there are classes and manuals that can instruct you in basic SEO, as a business owner you are already spending every available minute running your business.

Investing in the knowledge and time of a professional Web developer will insure you have all parts of search engine optimization covered in the background code as well as the keywords within the viewable content area. The cost for search engine optimization pays for itself, especially if you get the exposure to land more business. CreatiVisibility Web developers are expert at the more than ten tasks needed to optimize your site, tasks that include the tools to discover the best keywords for your site and your business market. Services included in SEO are:

There are additional complex programming methods and tools for determining the best optimization for your site. Page titles, Meta tags (titles included in HTML code) and file names may not seem ultra important, but in fact are key pieces to SEO. Have a professional rename all the file names with tools that keep links from breaking within your site, create efficient navigation and follow correct page structure using Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines.

Don’t let another day of low search result rankings go by - contact CreatiVisibility today to get your site optimized and organized. Not only will your site get noticed by search engines, you’ll be surprised by the amount of attention received from potential clients – it will almost be like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

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