Marketing Trade Trivia

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, January 2009

1- Who is this?

He became an apprentice to his brother, James, a printer. After some disagreements with James, he ran away from Boston to Philadelphia where he eventually opened his own print shop, publish a newspaper and become involved in politics, foreign affairs, and science.

2- Which one?

Was Sports Illustrated or Time Magazine the first full-color national magazine?

3- In computer language, what is "email" short for?

4- If you mix all the paint colors, will you get Gray, Dark Red, Black, or Dark Brown?

5- How many gallons of Coca-Cola syrup did the company sell it's first year?

6- About when was the printing press invented? 1250, 1450, or 1790 A.D.

7- What colors are in the Olympic Logo (the five rings)?

8- The initials CMYK represent the colors in full color process printing. What colors do they represent?

9 - American Indians used smoke signals to communicate what type of messages?

10- How much does a television advertisement cost for commercial breaks during the 2009 Super Bowl Game?


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