Start Planning Your Event Visibility with a New Theme

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, November 2009

Event planners are pros at planning their events. They bring in sponsors, schedule the venue, recruit volunteers, contract entertainment, set up insurance and permits; it is all in a day’s (well, a year’s) work. The process of event marketing can become stale year after year without planning a fresh campaign. Often planners are overwhelmed and creative tasks are pushed aside and rushed at the deadline.

Giving attendees a new reason to return to your recurring event is the first item on the agenda in planning this year’s event visibility. Planning your visibility doesn’t have to be another monkey on your back. With proper planning and employing the help of a creative company, like CreatiVisibility, your event visibility will be cohesive, professional, and appealing to returning and potential attendees.

Keep the event fresh with a new theme every year. Some events, such as street festivals or county/state fairs, may essentially be the same every year, but with a new visual theme and a catchy slogan, people will feel the excitement of your event. Theme graphics should be developed and carried through to all visible materials planned for the course of the campaign and the event should have an associated activity related to the theme.

Start by presenting your budget to your creative company and plan all the marketing pieces to fit your budget. When you work with CreatiVisibility, you get a cost summary of all the marketing materials in your campaign. Prioritize items to fit your initial budget and increase or decrease marketing as sponsorship dollars are allocated.

Once your theme and goals are set, leave the production up to your creative company. Event coordinators can choose as much or as little support as needed, but it is imperative that you select a company with experience in event visibility to provide you with turn-key print and Web design services. An experienced company will streamline the review and approval process to meet all your deadlines thus reducing your time commitment to marketing while consistently reminding your target audience to attend your next exciting event.

About CreatiVisibility: With over a decade of experience, Lisa Gullette — owner and Creative Director of CreatiVisibility— has worked with event planning executives to produce print and Web visibility for 25-30 events ranging from street festivals to international conferences to national/state workshops and expos as well as small local business events.  Ms. Gullette is also a member of the North Carolina Association of Festivals and Events.

CreatiVisibility services a specialty niche for event planners; offering print and Web design, development, and procurement services which accommodate the special needs and budgets of event marketing. From direct mail, posters, advertising and Web site development, to trade show displays, t-shirts or promotional items, CreatiVisibility works to create a consistent and comprehensive graphic theme.

CreatiVisibility creates visibility for its clients by taking a creative, marketing-faceted approach to print and Web site design with the goals of building a lasting relationship between designer and client through attention to client needs, by problem solving in a creative, well-researched and cost effective manner, and by producing print and Web communications products that meet or exceed professional standards. CreatiVisibility is a small business in Wake County, North Carolina with virtual clients across county and state lines. For more information about CreatiVisibility, please visit