Is Your Website Cross-Browser Compatible?

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, January 2012

While you may be viewing your own website exclusively in Internet Explorer 9.0, the advent of many other browsers including popular ones like Firefox, Safari and Chrome, means your site should be designed to accommodate all contemporary browser versions and platforms. Each browser and browser version outputs the page source code a bit differently from others. That is where cross-browser compatibility figures in. This doesn’t necessarily mean a site will perform exactly the same in each browser but rather will be optimized for viewing in various browsers as well as on the media they are being used such as computer, tablet or mobile device.

Designing for compatibility is not an exact science. You cannot necessarily guarantee a site will look the same in every browser. A good rule of thumb is to have each page viewable in the most popular, contemporary browsers. By researching your target audience, you will have a list of the top browsers and computer platforms that they may be using. Finally, diligent testing of your website – and subsequent tweaking of the code – can help achieve and maintain the most favorable viewing experience for all visitors.

Work with us to find out what your website looks like on multiple browsers and computer platforms.

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