Function over Form: Using Web Safe Fonts

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, March 2012

With over 100,000 fonts available in the design world today, it's inconceivable that we might limit ourselves to using only a select few. But, in the interest of web compatibility, professional web designers like CreatiVisibility will suggest the use of a "web safe font" wherever text appears on your website. Of the multitude of fonts available, only twelve are considered "safe" to use on websites and include Arial, Courier, and Times New Roman. While web safe fonts are typically plain they are the most common ones installed on computers. Using a font on your page that a visitor doesn't have on their computer will result in the browser picking a default font that will drastically change the look of your site, possibly making it unreadable.

You still have other font options when developing your website. Embedding a font in an image is a great way to use a more complex font for your logo or web header. However, this does not mean you can embed all your body text in an image. Doing so will prevent your site from being easily indexed by search engines, which in turn effects your rankings in Yahoo! and Google. After all, if visitors can't find your site, it won't matter what font you're using.

Work with us to find out what is the best font for your website!

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