A Logo by Any Other Name is not the Same

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, May 2012

Confusion exists about the difference between graphics used to create a visual theme and what comprises a logo.

By definition, a logo is a symbol used by an organization to promote public recognition. Logos are either a simple graphic symbol or the business name stylized to be used as a symbol (called a logotype). Sometimes a symbol can be more illustrative and still be a logo. These logos are more complex by showing a simple scene instead of an icon and include the business or event name.

If you are in the business of communicating with graphic designers or marketing professionals, you should understand the differences. For instance, if you want a campaign designed so all marketing pieces can be identified as promoting your event or business, then you want a visual theme designed. A visual theme will include your organization's logo for proper branding. If you do not have a symbol or logotype that you use to brand your business or annual event on your business cards, flyers, and website, for example, you want to ask to have a logo designed before you move forward with other marketing pieces. A logo should be the first item you have designed. An illustration is a more complex drawing which can be used to brand an event on posters or t-shirts, for instance, but is too detailed to be a logo.

How can you ultimately tell the difference between a visual theme and a logo? A visual theme is a set of graphics, colors and imagery that carry through all pages of a marketing piece or website, but a logo is be placed on one spot of that marketing piece regardless of the other graphics. Finally, a logo should be able to be reduced in size of about a quarter- to a half-dollar sized coin and not lose its detail and recognition while maintaining the same symbol, colors and fonts no matter where it is used.

Work with us to build your visual marketing materials or to create a unique symbol to brand your business!

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