By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, October 2012

Have you ever seen a sentence in a website end with ‘click here’ with a hyperlink to another page?  The internet has been around long enough now that other clues — such as underlined words, distinctive colors, and the change of the curser to a hand symbol— are standard marks to indicate that a hyperlink exists within the text.  You don’t need to explicitly tell a website visitor that text is linked and is able to be clicked.

Additionally, visitors to your website are not fully reading your website text as they may read a book. People find information in your website quickly by visually scanning the page content. We search the headings, links, bullet points, and lists instead of reading every word.  We see the hyperlinked “click here” but it doesn’t mean anything unless we take the time to read the content around the hyperlink and most of us will not take that time. You are using your website to market your business or event, so don’t lose this valuable time with your potential client or customer.

For instance, ‘click here’ stands out in the first example below, but in the second example we quickly find relevant information.

Example 1:

Example 2:


In short, when posting your web page content, describe what the link will do for the user when they click on it within the link itself. By doing so, your website visitors easily find what they are looking for, your business or event will look more professional and you gain a better opportunity for higher search engine rankings by having keyword-rich links.

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