Much Ado About the "Q"

By Lisa Gullette, CreatiVisibility, February 2013

I know you are thinking that this article is about barbeque, but it is really about those square boxes with the digital matrix code that you see everywhere these days—the QR code.

QR is the acronym for Quick Response. This code was originally used in Toyota manufacturing plants, but was adapted for advertising uses. It is now popular due to smart phone apps (called QR code readers) which immediately connect you to a specified web page. It is very helpful when directed, for instance, to a Google Places page, to entertainment and transit schedules, and to additional information or coupons on websites related to the printed content you have in hand or scan from a poster or shirt.

QR codes on business cards are marketing opportunities. Event planners cards with a QR code directs a smart phone user to their event listing and salesmen’s card code points to their product or services web page, for example, which is immediately useful on a mobile device.

Want to track just how your QR code is being used? Have your QR code link to a landing page on your website where ordinary web visitors cannot hit. This page should be very useful to the mobile visitor and speak quickly to what they were expecting to find as well as link out to your normal website pages. Use your web server tracking stats to see how many people are landing on that page. There is no easier way to track your offline marketing efforts.

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