Marketing, Print and Web Design Articles

CreatiVisibility wants your business to be as successful. This section serves as a resource for you whether or not you choose to build a client relationship with me. Articles and tips will include ideas, tools and resourceful links.

  1. How to Keep your Web Site Fresh
  2. Don't Judge a Book by its Cover...or Should You?
  3. Everyone has a Domain Name. How do I get one? By the way, what is a domain name?
  4. Offset Commercial Print House vs. Quick Copy Shops. The Procurement Process.
  5. So Many Graphic File Formats, So Little Time.
  6. How to Transfer Your Domain Name.
  7. Web Site Writing: How to Write so Your Site Will Be Read
  8. How to Get Started Using RSS
  9. Tips for Small Business Trade Show Success
  10. The Business of Blogs
  11. Search Engine Optimization
  12. Designing for Color, Decoded
  13. Marketing Trade Trivia - Do you know these answers?
  14. Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners
  15. Integrated Marketing: Traditional Marketing and Web 2.0 Podcast
  16. Start Planning Your Event Visibility with a New Theme
  17. Accessible Web Development: Making the Web Work for Everyone
  18. The Hidden Perk of Private Domain Registration
  19. Timing Communications for your Festival
  20. Is Your Website Cross-Browser Compatible?
  21. Function over Form: Using Web Safe Fonts
  22. A Logo by Any Other Name is not the Same
  23. Don't CLICK HERE!
  24. Much Ado About the "Q"