CreatiVisibility: A New Business for Small Business

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February 27, 2007
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Apex, N.C. – Small businesses in Wake County may not be able to compete with large companies in the area making news headlines, but they can compete for dollars that area consumers spend for their products and services, with the right marketing visibility tools. CreatiVisibility is a new small business that helps local small businesses become visible without breaking the bank.

Lisa Gullette, graphic designer in print and Web design, assists area small businesses to market themselves without having to go full scale. Her new business, CreatiVisibility, offers itself as a design service that provides an overall marketing approach. She takes the time to sit down and discuss with her clients what they want to do with their business, where they hope to go in the next year and design their creative projects — print or Web — to fit even the simplest business marketing plan. “Some businesses just don’t have the budget to work up a full marketing campaign, but that doesn't mean that print pieces and Web development needs to be void of consistent graphic and communications messages. As their small business service assistant, CreatiVisibility becomes more like a partner in building that small business,” says Ms. Gullette.

Ms. Gullette has been a part-time freelance designer since 1988 and started working in the graphic design industry in 1986. She has extensive experience as a Webmaster, graphic designer, and communications director. For the past 7 years Ms. Gullette has designed and developed Web sites, served as a graphic designer, and for the past 5 years was in charge of growing a communications program through marketing, print, and Web media for the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State University. In 2007, she started CreatiVisibility: a new business for small business.

Her professional experience encompasses technical and creative direction, production, and purchasing of marketing products. The variety of communications responsibilities range from expanding her client's visibility through news releases and printed marketing products, to designing branding identity graphics, to designing Web sites, to designing complete campaign packages, to managing print purchasing and delivery for clients.

Although CreatiVisibility offers a variety of services, the company also specializes in developing event Web sites. “Preparing for an event can be very involved and intense in the months leading up to it. By offering short term Web hosting and development, and by providing guidance as to what is typically presented online for an event, CreatiVisibility makes event communications fast, simple, and less expensive than some of the alternatives in information dissemination,” states Ms. Gullette. From association or company annual meetings, to wedding or party announcement pages with e-invites, to community or church family fun days an event Web site can be built by CreatiVisibility and hosted for free or very inexpensively depending on the features desired on the Web pages for the event.

CreatiVisibility creates visibility for its clients by taking a creative, marketing-faceted approach to print and Web site design with the goals of building a lasting relationship between designer and client through attention to client needs, by problem solving in a creative, well-researched and cost effective manner, and by producing print and Web communications products that meet or exceed professional standards. CreatiVisibility is a small business in Wake County North Carolina focused on serving small and medium sized businesses. For more information about CreatiVisibility, please visit

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