Lions and Tigers and Web pages, Oh My!

For Immediate ReleaseConservators' Center Web site
January 31, 2008

Lisa Gullette, Owner of CreatiVisibility
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Apex, N.C. –Lions rescued, tigers nurtured, wild animals at a sanctuary and a new Web site to get the information necessary to visit this oz for exotic wildlife.

CreatiVisibility, a print design, Web design and marketing company in Apex and surrounding Raleigh Area, was selected to create a new, fresh Web site for the Conservators’ Center in Mebane, NC. The Center determined the redesign was due to coincide with the Center opening to the public this winter. The Center is now hosting public tours by appointment.

The Center isn’t a zoo, but now a visitor can come to the educational facility to see these animals, look them in the eye and hear them roar. A preview of the animals and personal stories about the wildlife intrigues a Web site visitor to become an observer in real time, not just cyberspace. Online you see binturongs, New Guinea singing dogs, servals, caracals, wolves, and leopards to name a few of the 13 species profiled on the Web site. Binturongs from Southeast Asia look a little bit like raccoons and are monitored for extinction, a serval is a spotted African cat, and red-listed as an endangered species is the African or Middle Eastern cat called a caracal. The Center houses other unusual animals as well. There are stories including a dramatic lion seizure for rescue; you will even hear one of the animals if using Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the site, but when you hear the sound, it may take you by surprise.

“I had such a great experience building this Web site for the Conservators’ Center. When working on the design, I felt that the viewer should feel immersed and mesmerized”, said Lisa Gullette, designer and owner of CreatiVisibility, “working with the owner and volunteers to get this site redesign launched was a wonderful experience. I can tell everyone loves the animals in their care, and I’m sure the animals love their care takers.”

In addition to photos of animals in each category and profiles of specific animals and their history, the site hosts an abundant amount of information on how to help the center through sponsorship of named animals or how to donate your time at the Center. The Center is primarily run by volunteers. Several volunteers are quoted on the Web site. Steve Simmons states, “At the Conservators’ Center I feel like I’m part of a family, and I know my work is needed. I also feel that the animals understand and appreciate what I do for them. Some arrive after having been abused or neglected somewhere else. When they come to the Center they receive the right care and they associate the people who helped them with their improved lives. We make a difference for these animals.”

Mindy Stinner, Executive Director and Vice President of Conservators’ Center responded to the new Web site, “I am thrilled with how visual our new Web site is. The images are bright and well-integrated into an overall scheme we can use into the future. The menu is intuitive to use.” She adds that others who have visited the site say, “The Web site is gorgeous. I love the photography on the home page. The site is alluring and easy to navigate.” With comments such as these, it is the hope of all involved in this project that the Web site is an extension of the Center, offering merely a glimpse of the excitement of the sanctuary where the content animals seem to be saying, “There’s no place like home.”

About the Center

Conservators' Center is an outdoor educational wildlife facility and sanctuary now hosting tours by appointment. It is the largest big cat sanctuary in the state, housing over 30 lions, tigers, and leopards, plus 50 other animals. The Center welcomes children ages 12 and up; people with disabilities please inform the tour coordinator when you schedule for best accommodations. It is located in SW Caswell County.

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