CreatiVisibility Accepted into N.C. Association of Festivals & Events

For Immediate Release
October 9, 2008

Lisa Gullette, Owner/ Creative Director of CreatiVisibility
(919) 661-8124;

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Apex-Cary, N.C. –Lisa Gullette, owner of CreatiVisibility, was welcomed last week into the membership of the North Carolina Association of Festivals & Events organization.

NC Association of Festivals & Events LogoAs a member of the Association, CreatiVisibility will help businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities/government organizations create visible marketing materials for their events. Such events include annual conferences, trade shows, expos, street festivals, grand openings, concerts, corporate family day and similar events. The primary objective of the association is to serve as a year-round forum for coordinators and key volunteers of festivals and events by facilitating information sharing, training and networking.

“We feel your membership is a valuable addition to this organization,” said Julie Beck, president of North Carolina Association of Festivals & Events. Ms. Gullette has a wealth of experience in supporting executives planning the visible marketing of events. CreatiVisibility services a specialty niche for event planners; offering print and Web design, development, and procurement services which accommodate the special needs and budgets of event marketing.

From “save-the-date” postcards, advertising, online registration, to trade show displays, t-shirts or promotional items, CreatiVisibility works to create a consistent and comprehensive graphic theme. Event coordinators can choose as much or as little support as needed from CreatiVisibility. Some may chose only theme concept and logo design, but other planners prefer CreatiVisibility to produce everything print and internet related for them so they can focus on securing sponsors, vendors, venue, and the other services for their event.

The Association holds an annual ShowFest convention in February which consists of an entertainment showcase, educational seminars, and election of officers. Their summer seminar series focuses on festival and event planning. Every other year, the Association joins South Carolina’s Association of Festivals & Events for a Carolina ShowFest event held in South Carolina. Last February, Ms. Gullette attended ShowFest in Winston-Salem, NC as a guest attendee representing Apex Festival Commission and the PeakFest street festival event.

About CreatiVisibility

CreatiVisibility creates visibility for its clients by taking a creative, marketing-faceted approach to print and Web site design with the goals of building a lasting relationship between designer and client through attention to client needs, by problem solving in a creative, well-researched and cost effective manner, and by producing print and Web communications products that meet or exceed professional standards.

CreatiVisibility is a small business in Wake County North Carolina focused on serving small to medium- sized businesses and corporate/government clients. For more information about CreatiVisibility, please visit

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