Branding through logos and identity items

Branding is the effort geared towards increased product or company name awareness and toward creating lifelong customers. There are several tools for branding your company or products. A service that CreatiVisibility offers its clients is the creation of logos and tag lines used in identity items such as Web sites, business card, letterhead, envelope, Microsoft Word templates, Microsoft PowerPoint templates, invoices and other standard stationary items, etc.

Branding can be done through many means and a complete plan or "campaign" should be designed to maximize your company or product's visibility. One of the best things a company can do is to have a name or symbol stand out to the public as a noticeable promise of quality. Branding is the lasting impression that is in someone's mind.


A logo is a graphic symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations to promote instant public recognition as a part of the company's overall branding. Logos are either graphic symbols or include the name of the organization to create a logotype.

Corporate Identity

We can discuss what your needs are for creating a cohesive identity for your business. A strong logo or logotype is typically used in any visible display of your business, such as stationary, business cards, invoices, Web site, presentations, banners, CD/DVD's, promotional items, advertising, etc. Let CreatiVisibility create an identity the public will remember.

Contact CreatiVisibility to discuss your needs for anything from a simple logo to a full branding and creative visibility campaign.